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DIRECTOR  Psa Mary Ellen Rosco

Registration Forms

All students and parents are required to follow the rules and regulations of Camp Vatra for Juniors.  Please print these pages and look at them together so that both parents and children are aware of their responsibilities.  (This includes the COVID-19 Precautions page.)

After reading all the information, complete the Registration Forms (pages 1-6) and submit them to the address listed in the General Information.  All forms must be submitted/mailed in hardcopy form with original signatures.

Deadline:  JULY 2

Camp Vatra - Student Registration Forms  CLICK HERE


Due to the potentially large number of registrants, we remind parents that the registration fee, $550.00 USD for each child, must be submitted with the Registration Forms or the student will not be registered.  After July 2, the fee for each student is $600.00 USD.

Check (payable to "ROEA"), credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/Discover/AmEx; processing fee added) and cash are accepted.  Click below to download a Credit Card Payment Form.

Camp Vatra - Credit Card Payment Form  CLICK HERE

Camp Faculty & Staff

Adults (clergy & laymen) are encouraged to offer some of their time to help at Camp Vatra for Juniors.  Numerous positions need to be filled each year including: Teachers, Nurse, House Parents, Cooks, Maintenance, Dining Room Help, and more.  If you are interested, please download and complete the Application Form below and send it to:

Psa Mary Ellen Rosco
Director - Camp Vatra for Juniors
37419 Colonial Dr
Westland MI 48185

Applicants for faculty/staff positions will be notified if their application is accepted.  For more information on working at the camp, please contact Director Preoteasa Mary Ellen Rosco by phone at (313) 408-8567 or by email at

Camp Vatra - Staff Application Form  CLICK HERE

(All forms are downloadable in PDF format. Click here to download it free.)

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