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Florence Helen Sirb was the daughter of Flora nee Bodoni Sirb both members of the Holy Cross Parish in Farrell/Hermitage, Pennsylvania parish. Florence graduated from a college near Farrell, the same one from which other young Romanian/American women later became Preotese. Miss Sirb was a World War II executive at Sharon Steel Company in Farrell; she later became a high school teacher at Farrell High.

After retirement Florence, at the invitation of Bishop Nathaniel, Vicar Bishop, came to the Vatra, at first working “gratis” at her request not accepting a salary, but at the insistence of Archbishop Valerian, she accepted a small remuneration “for her gasoline.” In the administration of the late Archbishop Valerian, she was an office secretary and also finance officer of the ROEA. She continued in her work until she fell asleep in the Lord. She is laid to rest in the St. Mary Cemetery, Vatra.

Florence was also the financial officer at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in the time of the late Mother Alexandra. She was active in the ARFORA. Miss Sirb was always interested in education of women. The Bodoni/Sirb Scholarship is her heritage to other women.



The FLORA nee BODONI & FLORENCE HELEN SIRB Scholarship is a new scholarship with a $100,000 Trust from which an annual scholarship of $5,000 may be awarded to an Eastern Orthodox woman, one time, for studies in Orthodox Theology in a North American Theological Seminary/University.

The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America is in the process of approving the addition of this Scholarship to its already rich list of existing scholarships to supervise the continued investment and guardianship of the funds. Once a year, the ROEA will issue a check of $5,000 as requested by the Board determining the recipient.


This determining Board has still to be formulated. Archbishop Nathaniel is principle director of the Board.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

April 6, 2019                       

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